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Quality Metal Fabrication Services in Columbia, SC for Your Needs

If you are looking for a reliable metal fabricator or need steel distribution services, our company is ready to help you with your needs. We provide steel, structural steel, and miscellaneous steel fabrication, as well as original equipment manufacturing and metal painting solutions. Serving homeowners and businesses in Columbia, SC, we can handle jobs of any size and will meet your unique requirements. With Evans & Medlin Steel Co., you will enjoy outstanding results.

Our Professional Services

Steel Fabrication Services

Steel Fabrication Services
Our metal manufacturing company can offer you fabrication services for products made of iron, structural steel, and miscellaneous steel. We can follow both standard and custom designs and can fabricate everything to your unique specifications. With our reliable company, you will get superb results every time. Contact us today!

Steel Distribution & Retail

Steel Distribution & Retail
We sell and distribute steel and other materials in our everyday work. Our convenient sale offers are available for various types of steel, and you can purchase both regular and stainless steel. With us, you will enjoy competitive pricing and can order small and large quantities of the materials we offer. Hire us to receive outstanding products!

Metal Painting Services

Metal Painting Services
Our specialists can use water-based acrylic or oil-based paint to paint different metals like iron, steel, and aluminum. They will ultimately apply the paint and colors you like the most and make sure every metal surface is primed and painted properly. Our experts will prepare the metal, remove the flaking, and prime & paint everything.

Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication

Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication
We also do a wide variety of fabrication work for miscellaneous items such as steel railings, gates, fences, ladders, stairs, and more. Our professionals will manage every job with care and pay attention to every detail. They will take care of every task you have for them promptly, efficiently, and according to your unique specifications.

Original Equipment Manufacturing

Original Equipment Manufacturing
You can hire us whenever you need to hire original equipment manufacturing specialists. We can produce parts and equipment for your private or commercial needs and will impress you with the superb results of our efforts. Choose our company, and we will create the parts and products you need for your specific project.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Us?

Licensed, insured, and working at competitive rates, Evans & Medlin Steel Co. has been serving the local community since 2017, delivering solutions that epitomize all modern standards. From custom metal fabrication to metal painting and steel distribution, we do it all. Also, we offer discounts to active military personnel and free quotes for our services. Call us for a quick consultation! We will answer all your questions.

What Do We Do?

We use professional-grade equipment to complete every job and deliver modern metal fabrication and equipment manufacturing solutions. The results of our work will ensure your satisfaction and allow you to realize your ideas promptly and efficiently. Our experts will follow your instructions and achieve superb results that will impress you. They will follow all your instructions and offer you many affordable options for your consideration.

If you have a residential or commercial property in Columbia, SC and need to hire skilled structural steel fabricators, our company is the ideal choice for you. Call us today to learn more!

Client’s Testimonial

by John Carter on Evans & Medlin Steel Co.
Excellent Services

I hired this company to manufacture the custom equipment for my business, and I am quite impressed. I want to recommend the metal fabrication services of these specialists to anyone who needs them. They are skilled and very punctual.

Evans & Medlin Steel Co.
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